Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney today announced that admission fees would be waived at Onondaga County Parks Beaches today to help county residents beat the heat.

“Today  is going to be one of our warmest days of the year and we encourage everyone  to take the steps necessary to remain cool,” said Onondaga County

Executive  Joanie  Mahoney.   “Onondaga County has two great beaches and we are  pleased  to  open  them  for free to the public to help everybody stay cool.”

Jamesville Beach is located on Apulia Road in Jamesville and is open today from Noon until 6pm.

Oneida Shores Beach is located at 9400 Bartell Road in the Town of Cicero and is open today from Noon until 6pm.

Mahoney added, “Also a reminder, on days like today it is important for everyone to look in on family, friends and neighbors and particularly the elderly to make sure they are staying healthy and cool.”