The New York State Tax Department announced today that Central New York is leading the way for STAR Registration with more than 54 percent of Basic STAR recipients already registered.

Just four weeks ago, the Department mailed 295,000 notices to homeowners in 12 Central Region counties.  Of the roughly 157,000 Central New Yorkers who registered, nearly 90 percent of them registered online, which takes most taxpayers only 2 to 4 minutes. The rest have registered with a Department representative either by calling 518-457-2036 or visiting a local registration event.  3,000 homeowners registered at the State Fair alone.     

“As a homeowner, you first received STAR by filing an application with your local assessor,” said Commissioner Thomas H. Mattox.  “As part of the Governor’s reform initiative, however, you also must register with the New York State Tax Department – one time only – to continue receiving the exemption.” 

 “We’re pleased that more than half of the eligible Central New Yorkers have already registered. However, that leaves more than 100,000 to register in these 12 counties. We urge you to act now to keep receiving your STAR benefits next year and beyond.”

The Basic STAR program provides 2.6 million homeowners with savings on their school property tax bills each year, but is only available for an individual’s or family’s primary residence.  The current registration facilitates Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s budget initiative to protect New Yorkers from fraud and waste in the program.  Statewide 688,000 homeowners have already registered for their Basic STAR exemptions.

No change for seniors

Seniors receiving Enhanced STAR are not affected by the registration – they will continue to apply annually or participate in the Income Verification Program.

Public events

The Tax Department is registering homeowners and answering questions at more than 175 events across the state. 

Upcoming in the Central Region:

  • Broome County: Vestal School Board, 9/24, 7 pm
  • Cayuga County
    • County Legislature, 9/24, 5:30 pm
    • Auburn CitySchool Board, 10/8, 7 pm
  • Chenango County: Norwich City Council, 10/1, 6 pm
  • Cortland County: CountyLegislature, 10/8, 9 am
  • Jefferson County
    • Carthage CentralSchool Board, 9/23, 6 pm
    • County Board of Legislators, 9/24, 7 pm
    • South JeffersonSchool Board, 10/7, 7 pm
  • Lewis County
    • Beaver River School Board, 9/24, 7 pm
    • South LewisSchool Board, 10/16, 7 pm
  • Oneida County
    • Rome City Council, 9/25, 6 pm
    • Utica City Common Council, 10/2, 7 pm
  • Oswego County
    • County Legislature, 9/23, 9 am
    • Oswego City Council, 9/23, 7 pm
    • Fulton City Council, 10/1, 7 pm
  • Tioga County: OwegoApalachinSchool District, 10/10 7 pm
  • Tompkins County
    • Ithaca City Council, 10/2, 6 pm
    • Ithaca CitySchool Board, 10/8, 7 pm

The online list of local events is updated weekly.

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