The City of Syracuse will begin the process Monday of foreclosing on at least 100 properties across town for back taxes.

Mayor Stephanie Miner has begun a crackdown on delinquent properties, the first in about ten years.

Of the 100 properties to be voted on Monday, 25 of those are owned by individuals who for many reasons, have fallen way behind in thier taxes.

Common Councilor Bob Dougherty told 570 WSYR that he's reluctant to pull the switch, but many of thes property owners are so far behind in their taxes, it's a lost cause. Dougherty says the city has tried to work with many of these property owners to set up payment plans or other arrangements, but to no avail.

If the city begins seizing properties, they will be transferred to the city's new Land Bank, which will then try to sell the properties to try and recover some of the taxes.

Some homeowners now face tax bills that are more than their house is worth, and Doughtery says there's a small fraction of owners who actually want the city to seize thier properties to relieve them of the burden.