Syracuse, N.Y. – The Syracuse Common Council is voting on a new law that will fine city residents if they don't shovel their sidewalks within 24 hours of a storm.

The law would re-add a fine of $100 to the existing requirement that all property owners must shove the sidewalks on their property.

“If our city is going to be a walk-able city we need clear sidewalks,” says Councilor Bob Dougherty who proposed the law because he says he's tired of seeing children being forced to walk in the street because sidewalks aren't shoveled.

If the law passes, it will be immediately enforced by the quality of life officers of the Syracuse Police Department. Folks who don't shovel out will first get a warning but a second violation will bring a fine.

When the fine was first around in the 1960’s people caught not-shoveling their walks were fined $25. In today’s dollars that would be around $190.  

Exceptions to the rule are being made though for the elderly and the disabled.