A former employee with the Onondaga County Health Department has filed a complaint with the Division of Human Rights in Albany after she claims she was racially harassed on a regular basis by several African American women working there.

Amanda Heisler says those employees made references to the way she was dressed as a white woman and frequent remarks about her religion too. She says the racial harassment would frequently occur.

Heisler says she took her concerns to her supervisor and wanted to file a complaint and claims that her own supervisor thought the harassment was a form of "hazing."

Heisler says when she returned from vacation last month, she was abruptly fired from her job after theatening to take her case to the state, because no action had been taken on the county level.

County officials have issued a brief statement says Heisler was a provisional employee and they decided not to make her permanent due to her inappropriate handling of confidential health information, a charge that she denies.

Heisler says she has now filed an official complaint with the New York State Division of Human Rights, but has had some difficulty hiring a lawyer. Heisler says the attorneys she spoken with are fearful of taking on a case against Onondaga County.