Dewitt Police have arrested four men in connection with a counterfeit check cashing scheme.

The investigation began Tuesday after police received a call ragarding a man who was attempting to cash a a counterfeit check in the name of a local commercial business. The investigation evolved and led detectives to several hotels in the Carrier Circle area where multiple suspects from the state of Georgia were arrested.

DeWitt Police say the suspects where involved in a scheme where commercial business checks were stolen and counterfeited. The group then sought out out people to cash the checks at various banks and return the money to them. Local law enforcement in Onondaga and Oswego County have been receiving complaints about this check cashing scheme that now totals tens of thousands of dollars.

DeWitt Police say their investigation is ongoing and the four suspects have been charged with several felonies.

Arrested and charged and the case were these suspects:

- 20 year old Jacob Jones- Atlanta, Georgia

- 22 year old Laponico Ross- Atlanta, Georgia

- 27 year old Travis Odom- Atlanta, Georgia

-21 year old Edward Hines- College Park, Georgia