The New York State Police and its law enforcement partners have seen a rise in the sales and use of Heroin in the North Country during the past two years.  Just yesterday, the Adirondack Drug Task Force arrested two men with 598 envelopes of heroin. 

State Police believe the rise in heroin sales and use in the area is being driven by an increased value in the drug being sold in more rural areas along with a 2010 change in the formula of the frequently abused prescription painkiller OxyContin.

 It is believed that the formula change makes inhaling or injecting the opioid drug more difficult so many users are switching to heroin which can be potentially more dangerous.  Several of the area drug round ups in the North Country are showing an increasing number of people being charged with selling the highly dangerous, addictive drug. 

 The New York State Police have investigated twenty three fatal accidental overdoses since January 2012.  The New York State Police and its law enforcement partners will continue to be vigilant in an attempt to combat the rising problem.