Governor Andrew Cuomo in attendance Tuesday night as Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney delivered her annual State of the County address.

Mahoney put a positive spin on the county's finances and claimed that property taxes are the lowest they've ever been for homeowners.

Mahoney says the county now has a 12 million dollar budget surplus this year, thanks in part to a sharp spike in sales taxes and a five percent increase in people staying at local hotel paying the so-called bed tax. Sales taxes alone in Onondaga County last year generated more than 350 million dollars.

Mahoney also seemed to say good things about a the possibility of a new hotel at Destiny USA. Although Mahoney didn't say whether she supports tax breaks for the hotel developers, she says any facility in Onondaga County that would allow visitors to stay here longer and generate more revenue is a good thing. The mayor of Syracuse though has rejected any tax breaks for the mall owners.

The governor praised to leadership of the county executive as he touted what he claims New York's comeback as a force in attracting new business to the state.

Cuomo also pushed his plans for a property tax freeze in new York and called for further consolidation of governments across New York. He decried the fact that there are more than 10 thousand local governments across the state and each of those governments are taxing their property owners.

The Governor and Mahoney also announced the opening of a new digital film school in DeWitt. It would the the nation's first so-called nano film school. It would teach students how to produce those computer generated images we see so often now in movies. It would generate 350 high-tech jobs and hundreds of construction jobs.