A sad criminal twist to the story of Jenna Hinman and her family. Police have arrested Jenna's husband and have accused him of stealing 46 thousand dollars from a fund that was set up to help his twins girls and the family.

Jenna Hinman's story gained worldwide attention this year when she gave birth to twin girls in a Syracuse hospital, but it was discovered that she had contracted a rare, pregnancy-related cancer. She died after a valiant struggle in May.

Now her husband Brandon has been charged with Grand Larceny after police say he wrote a series of forged checks in Cayuga County and stole 46 thousand dollars from a fund set up for the twins girls, and the funds were not used for the purposes they were intended.

The account was set up in the names of two persons who accepted donations with the intent to disperse them as needed for the care of the Hinman children, bills associated with Jenna's care and other family expenses.

Police say between March and May, Brandon Hinman forged the signature of one account holder on 17 separate checks ranging in amounts from 300 to 8 thousand dollars. All but one of the forged checks were made out to Brandon Hinman.

Hinman was arrested on Monday after a tip from Jenna's family and he's been charged with Grand Larceny and Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument.

Brandon Hinman has now posted 25 hundred dollars bail and has been released from the Cayuga County Jail.