(Syracuse, NY) Today, Supreme Court Judge Hugh A. Gilbert agreed with our contention that a Mayor Miner-led lawsuit designed to prevent Syracuse residents from having a real choice in the direction of their City was frivolous and flawed.  It's unfortunate that the Mayor decided to pursue this matter in the first place, costing taxpayers thousands of dollars of their hard-earned money.

 Now that we've cleared another of the Mayor's hurdles to a free and fair election, our Republican Party will continue to seek a suitable candidate who would make a strong Mayor.  

However, this election remains a referendum on the extraordinary failings of the Miner administration and its poor stewardship of the City of Syracuse.  Just yesterday, 46 percent of Democrat primary voters gave Mayor Miner's first-term an emphatic thumbs down by casting a vote for someone else to lead this City. 

Syracuse's hard-working families deserve more than a Mayor who allowed crime to soar to historic levels, presided over a school system that no longer guarantees its students a first-class education and brought a once-proud City to the brink of bankruptcy. It's time to have an honest discussion about the future.