More pothole headaches for some Central New York drivers.

The situation has gotten so bad in the Baldwinsville area this season, the mayor of the village and the Supervisors in the towns of Lysander and Van Buren have sent letters to the state asking them for emergency repairs to the potholes.

The problem areas seem to be state highways in and around Baldwinsville, especially on Routes 31 and 370.

Baldwinsville Mayor Joe Saraceeni says the state has been trying to keep up with the pothole problem, but can fall behind with every new discovery. He says they can only make a temporary patches this time of year.

The mayor says the village has been forced to place orange safety cones around some of the potholes in the village for fear that drivers may damage thier cars of they hit them, until the state can make repairs.

Village officials say some of the potholes have caused drivers to lose thier hubcaps and they're getting calls from drivers at village hall reporting the problem areas.