The Cicero man who raped a young girl and murdered a Liverpool woman a year was sentenced today to 30 years behind bars on separate child pornography charges.

During his sentencing it was revealed that Renz had more than 11 thousand images of kiddie porn in his possession along with one thousand videos.

Renz was arrested on those charges in January of last year and was thought to be monitored by the feds when he murdered 47 year old Lori Bresnahan and raped a ten year old girl with her near Great Northern Mall. Renz tampered with an electronic monitoring bracelet several times that day back in march of 2013 to try and elude detection the day the murder and rape occurred.

Since then, there's been a shakeup at the federal office in Syracuse that monitors accused criminals wearing the bracelets.

Renz will be sentenced on rape, murder and kidnapping charges in May.