Reports of shots fired in the area of Lakeshore View Drive in the Madison CountyTown of Sullivan were called into the Madison County 911 center at approximately 3:15 Sunday morning.

Madison County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the area, along with units from Chittenango Police and the NYS Police. After initial interviews with the reporting parties, a safety perimeter was established around the immediate area of the suspect’s residence, located at 9378 Lakeshore View Drive South. Additional units from the Sheriff’s Office, including the Sheriff’s Special Operations Unit team were called to the scene.

The incident began with a verbal dispute when the suspect, Brandon L. Rudy, 24, arrived at a neighboring residence in an intoxicated state. Rudy was escorted back home by some of those neighbors due to his intoxication, when Rudy threatened them. When the neighbors were returning to their residence, they heard multiple shots being fired from Rudy’s residence area.

According toMadison County Sheriff Allen Riley, Rudy apparently discharged the rounds from a weapon while standing outside his home. Other neighbors confirmed hearing the shots being fired.

Sheriff Riley stated that members of the Sheriff’s Special Operations Unit assisted in the safe evacuation of residents from the areas surrounding Lakeshore View Drive South, including Woods Road, and Damon Point Road. Roads in the area were closed, and neighborhood residents further away from the scene were asked to stay in their homes. Multiple attempts to make contact with Rudy were made, including having a relative attempt to communicate with him over a public address system from the Special Operations Unit vehicle. Those attempts were unsuccessful.

The Special Operations Team deployed CS powder, a form of tear gas, into Rudy’s residence shortlyafter 10 a.m. At that time, Rudy made contact with team members who were outside his home and was taken into custody, however, he was combative during the process.