(DeRuyter, NY) Town of DeRuyter Supervisor Dan DeGear says DeRuyter is back in business. He says he's lifting remaining parts of the State of Emergency Order now that main roads, those hardest hit by flooding, are repaired and safe for travel. A No-Wake order is being lifted on DeRuyter Lake which has returned to normal levels.

On Thursday Night, the Town Board approved the distribution of a $52,000 HUD grant from the year 2000 to help low to moderate income residents recover from flood damage. Applications are being accepted now and can be downloaded, along with guidelines, from the DeRuyter Town website:


The Town Board is also considering borrowing $200,000 to finish infrastructure repairs on sidewalks and other structures damaged  by the flooding. The Board had approved a $500,000 bond on July 2nd to repair roads, but work done by the NYS DOT has covered most of the costs.