A Wegmans employees in the Town of Clay is now getting some national attention after he was verbally accosted by a customer for being too slow in the checkout line.

Chris Tuttle has worked at the Route 57 store for seven years and has Aspergers Syndrome. He was recently attempting to check out a customer at the store when the female customer accused him of being too slow and even reported him to a manager. The criticism threw Chris into a tailspin, according to his family- as they tried to assure him that everything would be allright.

That's when Chris' sister decided to post a message on her Facebook page explaining what happened during the incident and offering him some words or encouragement.

Since then, words of encouragement have steamrolled in from thousands of Central New Yorkers ane even total strangers from around the country. Some 20 thousand postings have now poured in, in support of Chris. His sister says he's been shocked at the response he's received since the incident. The story is now gaining national attention.

Many Wegmans customers have voiced their support for Chris calling him one of their favorite employees and the Clay store is now even getting thank you cards in the mail addressed to Chris.

In a statement today, Wegmans says it's proud of Chris and other Wegmans team members in the way they handled a difficult customer interaction.