The New York State Department of Health has notified the Oswego County Health Department that additional evidence of the Eastern equine encephalitis virus and the West Nile virus was found in test sites around the county from samples that were taken prior to the aerial spraying that was conducted on Saturday, August 17.

Two mosquito pools tested positive for EEE, one in the

village of Central Square
and the other in the town of West Monroe. Both sites are part of the target area that was sprayed last weekend.

Four mosquito pools tested positive for WNV, two in the

village of Central Square
, one in New Haven and one in the town of Palermo. The Palermo site is the only new location to receive positive test results. The first three sites were previously identified.

“The results we received this week were from collections that were taken before the county conducted aerial spraying last Saturday,” said Oswego County Public Health Director Jiancheng Huang.

“Although the aerial spray was very effective in reducing some of the targeted mosquito populations, recent surveillance shows that mosquitoes are still there which means that viruses might still be present. We are working closely with the state health department to monitor the situation.”

Huang added that everyone still needs to be vigilant to prevent exposure to mosquitoes. “It is very important that people continue to follow personal protection measures.”