Great Kid of the Week Aden

Great Kid of the Week Aiden Burk
Age 7
Bernards Bay
Nominated by: Alisha Frawley

i had a severe allergic reaction to peanuts. I had gone to my friends baby shower and brought some cake home. Little did i know my life was going to flash before my eyes due to cross contamination of peanuts from this piece of cake. I began eating the cake. about 2 mins pass and i could feel my throat closing. my arms and legs becoming weak and i seen a rash developing very quickly across my chest. I tried to shout to get aidens attention, he turned around. instantly he knew what was going on, he confirmed with me, " Mommy, did you eat peanuts?" i nodded, he went into my purse grabbed my EPI Pens, He Administered the First EPI pen dose, ran to the kitchen and set the timer.. He Grabbed my phone and called 911. he told them that i was having an allergic reaction and pregnant, that he gave me my epi pen and his brother is ok and sleeping on the couch. he told the operator he did not know the address to the house and that he was going to hang up and call his grandma and have her call with the address, at this time my throat was almost completely closed, trying to save my energy, knowing i was in good hands i sat back concentrating on trying to stay calm for him. he called my mom from my phone and told her what was going on. moments later the kitchen timer went off and he prepared to administer the second dose of my EPI pens. The ambulance arrived and aiden had told them he gave me EPI pen number two and also told them he waited the 15 mins in between Epi Doses. It was then i began to cry, not because of the situation but how well my 4.5 year old handeled the situation! how grown up he was, that he saved mine and my unborn daughters life! I still to this day cant express to aiden how proud of him i am



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