Hannah, Our Great Kid Of The Week For February 5th!

Week of February 5th - Hannah:

Hannah's Mom writes to us:

"I want to nominate my daughter Hannah for the great kid of the week. She's 11 yrs old & both her & I volunteer at a Rescue Animal farm, they take in horses, pigs, mini donkeys, goats, chickens, & ducks. We go 4 days a week, 2 of which are on school days. Thursday & Friday we go after school & feed the animals their dinner & close up their areas for the night. Saturday we go for lunch & then on Sunday we just groom the 15 horses. Hannah never complains about it being to much or having to go after school. She got volunteer of the year last year from the farm. She takes great pride in making sure they are all taken care of. She helps train new volunteers as well. If she has homework those 2 school days, she'll try to d o it in school, if not, as soon as we get home she gets it out and starts doing it. I never have to remind her. Even the days we don't go to the farm, she starts right in on her homework. She has a 94 average. Struggles with math but never gives in or gives up. She just simply tries harder. For her 11th birthday she asked for items that the farm needed instead of her own gifts. She ended up with a lot of items that were greatly needed. Plus for Christmas she asked if some grain & treats could be put under the tree. Hannah is the most unselfish person I know. Always kind to her friends & helps in any way she can. She gets picked on in school, but she doesnt let it get her down. She just pays attention to the friends that treat her nice & her work. At home she helps cook, bake, we have a cat & she'll help take care of her too, & with other things around the house. I am very proud of her. She wants to be a Veterinarian when she grows up. Hannah is kind, thoughtful, generous, & loveable . I could go on & on. I'm a single mom, so seeing the person she is becoming, gives me great pride. I couldn't ask for a better child."

Listen to Hannah call-in to Tom & Becky:

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