Bad News For Fans of Wegman's

Huge regional grocery store, Wegman's is a pinnacle of upstate New York culture. It's long been the go-to place for Syracuse grocery shoppers. 

With the opening of the 'Burger-bar' in the DeWitt location, never has Wegman's had more of a following for not just grocery shopping but also as a casual place to go with friends or family.

However, that may change slightly with Wegman's announcing Thursday that some Syracuse locations will no longer be open 24/7.

the East Syracuse location on James street as well as the Syracuse location on Onondaga Blvd are the two local stores that will be closing between the hours on 12am midnight and 6am.

Many who regularly go to Wegman's may not be affected by this decision, however some who rely on Wegman's as their midnight snack/grocery shopping option will have to seek alternatives. 

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