Chick-fil-A Grand Opening In Cicero Today

The day has finally come! Chick-fil-A opened it's doors today at 6:30am in Cicero, NY and Syracuse is already loosing it's mind!

The much anticipated event comes after the fast food chain announced back in  March, 2017 that they would be opening their doors in a completely new location, right in Syracuse's backyard, Cicero, NY.

Cicero police have been preparing for the event even warning earlier in the week that this would cause major traffic issues as well as suggesting divers not heading toward Chick-fil-A to stay in the left lane at all times on Brewerton rd.

Yesterday more than 150 people were lined up outside the doors to be chosen to win free Chick-fil-A once a week for a year. 100 people were chosen and they were helping the community today as part of the requirement to get their free food. Not a bad PR move, guys.

While the restaurants are known mostly for their chicken sandwiches, it's worth noting they also serve breakfast, salads and more.

If you're looking to grab a bite from the new location, you may want to wait a minute as today they are PACKED and it doesn't look like that will change the rest of the day. However, if you do wait for the weekend to check it out, be sure to plan on Saturday. The restaurants are known for being closed at all branches on Sundays as part of their company culture.

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