Joey, Our GRAND PRIZE WINNER & Great Kid Of The Week For March 1st!

Joey Flynn-Yacano is Tom & Becky's GRAND PRIZE WINNER for our Great Kid of the Week!

Joey's Mom writes to us:

"My son, Joey, is 10 years old. He is the most caring and compassionate little boy you will ever meet. He can recognize when a person or people need help. This past fall, he felt he needed to do something for the hurricane victims in Florida and Texas. He took it upon himself to scour our neighborhood for empty pop bottles. He raised almost $30 in a week! His next bottle drive was for the SPCA of CNY. He raised almost $40 for them! He now is working with his Cub Scout pack 293 to raise donations again for the SPCA of CNY. The boys made donation boxes to go in their school. They organized with their principal the fliers and have just begun gathering donations.

Not only is my Joey conscious of the needs of the community, he is cued in on the importance of family and school. He's already saving for college and works hard in school so he can some day open a doggie day care. He frequently makes dinners for his sick grandparents and brings them to their house.

He will be crossing over to the Boy Scouts this spring and is aspiring to complete his Eagle Scout. He is mindful of others and doesn't hesitate to jump in and help someone.

He brings a smile not only to us, but his peers and teachers.

When he heard that Tom and Becky were having their Holiday Party at the Wildcat (near our home) he begged to go so he could meet them! Sure enough, we went and he got to meet them! he shared the pictures I took with everyone!"

Hear Joey talk to Tom & Becky about winning the Grand Prize:

Hear Joey talk to Tom & Becky in March:

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