Brooke, Our Great Kid Of The Week For March 8th!

Brooke's Mom writes to us:

Brooke Trevett, 10 and a 4th Fraser at Charles E. Riley Elementary in Oswego, started Brooke's initiative to help spread her love of reading and writing with other children. She donated her own gently used books and new backpacks she bought on clearance to begin her efforts. She then sought donations from people and businesses, and the project has flourished since I (her mom) agreed to start a Facebook page for her efforts She plans to give backpacks full of books and writing supplies away to children for free and is working with the Literacy Coalition of Oswego County to identify population and of students who could most benefit from a Brooke's Books bag. She plans to have a fundraiser(s) and support her efforts on a long term basis 

Visit her Facebook page here!

Hear Brooke call-in to Tom & Becky:

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