Celebrities with Ties to Upstate New York

1. Tom Cruise

Needing no introduction, Tom Cruise has been one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood for years! Before that, as a kid, Cruise's family moved around a lot and because of that he was actually born in Syracuse, NY. 

2. Alec Baldwin

Another very successful actor, Alec Baldwin, has had tons of recognition especially from starring in Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock. Alec and his brothers frequently visit CNY to see their mother who lives in Camillus.

3. Ronnie James Dio

The hugely famous heavy metal singer had his upbringing in Cortland, where he grew u and went to high school. "Dio" is known primarily for being the lead singer in Black Sabbath and the group "DIO".

4. Kevin James

While not AS connected to Cortland as Ronnie James Dio, Kevin James did attend SUNY Cortland before making his career in TV and Film, eventually starring in Kind of Queens, Hitch, and Grown-ups.

5. Dick Clark

Dick Clark had his start in radio and television in Utica. While he became an enormous success, even to the point of having the "Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve" named after him, his estate has continued to donate to Syracuse University fraternities even to this day.

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