New Rides At The NYS Fair This Year

The NYS Fair has a few new experiences for rides this year. Two new coasters, as well as a free ride are being added to the fairgrounds this year. That's right, I said free! The free ride will be an observation tower located in the New York Experience section of the fairgrounds. The ride is 90 feet tall and gives riders a birds eye view of the fairgrounds. Fair officials hope the ride will draw more fair goers to the area.

Along with a free ride, two new coasters will be added this year. One is the Mighty Mouse Roller Coaster, which spins and was at the fair previously in 2015. The other coaster is the RC-48, which is the second largest traveling coaster in North America. In total, the fair will feature 65 rides this year, and unlimited ride passes will be available to purchase.

So, if your a ride lover, get excited for all the fair has to offer this year! The NYS fair starts August 23rd and runs for 13 days after, so don't miss out.

Photo: Getty Images

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