Bulletproof Backpacks - A Solution, Or A Burden?

Syracuse parents weighed in on the bulletproof backpack the other day on Channel 9, and the response was what I’d expect- they’re an overreaction to a growing fear that their kids are in harm’s way when going to class. I know what I’d do if my parents handed me a heavy back pack- I’d throw it in my locker and carry my books! Safety is always a concern and life isn’t always that safe- of course, every precaution should be made to keep our kids protected. There’s a myriad of ways you can protect yourself from a school shooter and most of those involve putting distance or doors between you and the shooter, not a backpack. If you hear gunshots, the first thing you can do is run like hell in the opposite direction and get out! In my opinion running with a cumbersome bag will if anything slow you down during your escape. But that’s just my two cents- what are your thoughts?



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