Snake Hitches Ride on Wegmans Cart in Pittsford NY

UH oh! Have you or a loved one found a snake on your shopping cart at Wegmans? If so you may be entitled to a good scare and a shout out from local news, because who doesn’t love a story involving our favorite regional supermarket chain? An Eastern Milk Snake took a cruise on a shopping cart with Pittsford local Laura Walitsky before being noticed while inside the store. Many people would have left that cart and never returned, leaving it to fend for itself in the supermarket and possibly starting a panic, but she handled it like a real Steve Irwin! She calmly took the cart outside and notified one of the Helping Hands staff members of her creepy little shopping mate. If you didn’t know, the medical term for a fear of snakes is Ophidiophobia, affecting nearly 50% of Americans. Apparently she grew up around snakes, and this little guy didn’t have the colors to show he was poisonous. Good on her for being able to identify this, as many non-poisonous snakes are actually very sweet animals and nobody who understands this would ever want to see one harmed pointlessly. If you were wondering, the snake was returned to the woods where he belongs, and Laura not only got a new shopping cart but says she will be returning to Wegmans very soon! Nothing can keep New Yorkers from our Weggies! Shout out to Wegmans staff for handling this situation professionally and without foul to our slithery friend.



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