A New Record Set at the Great New York State Fair!

Governor Cuomo announced on labor day (before the fair was even over!) that a whopping 1,258,000 people attended the Great New York State Fair in 2018. Setting a new record in attendance! The previous record had been 1,161,000. Out of the nine records broken at the fair this year, seven of them were attendance days. The busiest day was Saturday September 1, with 134,115 people in the gates. 

Were you at the fair Saturday? I think it was pretty clear that everyone was there! There were lines galore! 

We love to see people supporting the community and coming together to enjoy New York! The fair is a great time to do that. This year people came from everywhere and bared the heat and the rain to enjoy our Great New York State Fair!

Not only does the fair have great food and drinks, but they also have amazing concerts! The iHeart Crew was able to attend a few and absolutely loved it! Big stars, like Hunter Hayes and Maren Morris, lit up the stage for FREE and gave amazing performances!


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