Troy Waffner Appointed Official Director of the New York State Fair

Troy Waffner was just appointed the director of the New York State Fair after five years of being the Acting director, and it seems like a match made in heaven. The guy is crazy about the fair, and has a long history with it considering his background as a Central New Yorker. He’s been with the fair for years as assistant director, and has been the interim director for another five before being officially appointed as the official director of the State Fair. I’d say his success is seen in the numbers- we had another record smashing attendance this year, with ambitious revitalization and construction projects brightening up the fair landscape. The fair attracted nearly 1.3 million patrons, bringing in the hungry and excited masses from all across the country. Waffner oversaw the construction of the new Exposition Center, complete with a skating rink people could use for free on certain days of the fair, and managed the credited 120 million in state investments that went towards the revitalization effort. Among the projects includes the main gate, new parking lots, demolition of the grandstands, and revamping and relocating the midway.  It seems like Cuomo chose the right guy for the job considering the massive response and excitement which was seen this year. Let’s welcome him to his permanent position and cheer him on!



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