What is That Noise? Maren Morris and Niall Horn have some loud fans!

Niall Horn has some… shall we say, passionate fans? If you were walking within earshot of the fair the other day you might have heard the loud shrill of thousands of screaming fans. Maren Morris performed earlier that day and generated an ear drum destroying 94.5 dB of noise from the fans but was completely shwon up by Nialls fans. The decibel readings on the crowds noise that resulted in this star’s appearance is astounding!  Niall topped out at just around 129 dB, the volume was so great security was passing out ear protection for younger fans. If you don’t know how ear splitting 129 dB is, you got to understand the sheer power of such a loud noise. Niall’s concert fell just between the volume you would hear from a jet plane, 140 dB, and a chainsaw, which reads at 120 dB. I’m sure you are all aware the volume of those two things alone is deafening, but for something to land smack dab in the middle of those is incredible.  To put it into even more perspective, Niall Horns fans reached a volume that is closer to the loudest possible tone than to a normal speaking volume. Maybe the crowd needed to simmer down a bit, but I commend these excited fans for their devotion and spirit. It takes a lot of zeal to produce a sound almost as loud as a jet plane taking off, and they must have been pretty damn hoarse afterwards!


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