Butter Sculpture Finds New Home as Renewable Energy, Fertilizer


The fair is dismantling the butter sculpture, as they do every year, but it’s not going to end up on a baked potato or a corn on the cob. Instead, the butter is utilized in a much more eco-friendly way- Biofuels and fertilizer. Apparently, the butter itself is about as edible as butter would be if it’s unpacked in a giant slab on a rotating refrigerated display case for two weeks in August. Who would have thought?

It took about an hour to dismantle the 800 pound sculpture and pack it away to Noblehurst Farms by Buffalo. What remained is somewhat of a ghostly reminder of the sculpture, a wiry frame looking almost like a Christmas lawn ornament was left behind. If you’ve never seen a dismantled butter sculpture, you’re not missing much, but it was great while it lasted! Special thanks to the volunteers from Cornell Cooperative Extension who helped with this recycling effort!


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