CNY SPCA To Create Dog Condos

The CNY SPCA has a great new idea for dogs that can't be adopted. Inspired by rescue Lulu who lives full time at the CNY SPCA, the dog condo is an idea that the CNY SPCA is currently raising money for.

Lulu, the dog the condo will be named after, is a rescue that was saved from a vacant building by Scott Bodah, an animal cruelty investigator. Lulu's previous owner abused her, and was the first person registered in the animal abuser registry of CNY. This registry started in August of 2017 and already has 11 people on it. This new registry is a way to keep animals safe from known abusers by not allowing them to own an animal for 15 years.

Now, the condo will be a place for animals that can not be adopted due to behavioral issues. The SPCA plans for the condo to have a TV, couch, and a doggie door so that dogs can go outside and play as well. The SPCA hopes that through a timely process, these abused animals will be able to be adopted again at some point.

Currently, the CNY SPCA is looking to raise $7,500 to create this doggie condo. If you would like to donate and learn more, click here!

Photo: Getty Images

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