Pulaski Grad Takes In Six Dogs Ahead of Hurricane Florence

A Pulaski grad who worked at a dog shelter in North Carolina took a few extra passengers with her while evacuating ahead of hurricane Florence, and people are commending her for her thoughtful actions. Six dogs, who otherwise would have been left behind, now have a chance of being adopted still. Kaylee Lowery was evacuating with her daughter when she decided to pack in as many pups as she could, and this is no small task considering the roughly 13 hour drive she had to tackle before reaching New York. Good for her for being one of the people to take responsibility for the animals that depend on us.

This issue is bigger than just her good deed considering the number of shelters that will be affected by this massive tropical storm. Our animals are close to our hearts, and yet the ones without homes are left behind. One issue that I've learned about recently is that storm shelters often, if not exclusively, prohibit pets from seeking safety with their people. Many people then turn to dropping their pets off at a dog shelter, and this leads to overcrowding of shelters and causes many dogs to be euthanized ahead of the storm to make room. This only keeps some pet lovers from seeking shelter, in favor of staying with their pets, which puts them at risk of losing their lives. The Human Society is doing everything it can to relocate shelter dogs, if you want to pitch in they're the best people to send some aid!



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