Would You Reverse The Roll Of Your Boss And You For A Day?

This past Monday was "Boss and Employee Exchange Day", so Tom and I went to the phones to ask our listeners if they would switch roles with their boss for a day. For me personally, I wouldn't. I like the job that I have and our boss, Rich Lauber, does a lot, so I'll pass. Tom agrees, but does admit there are bosses in the past that have had easy jobs that he has wanted.

A few of our listeners let us know what they would do as well. One of our listeners, Curck, let us know he'd switch places with his old boss and give everyone a raise. He would want to show the old boss what it was like doing the job for not enough money in his opinion. Christie Casciano also stopped by that morning and let us know what she would do. She admits that there is a lot of stress doing his job, but some parts of it could be fun to do.

Listen to the podcast episode below for more from us, Christie, and our listeners on this interesting question.

Photo: Getty Images

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