Locally Filmed "Sushi Tushi" Completed in Dewitt, Set to Premier in October

The Syracuse Film Hub is seeing it's third major motion picture being shot using the new facility, and it's brought a revived sense of optimism for the small studio. "Sushi Tushi" is a sports comedy about the penetration of sumo wrestlers into pro football, which will be screened on October 19th at the Palace theater. So far it seems people are skeptical, but the trailer looks hilarious to me! The screening will include another new film by the executive producer and writer Richard Castellane and Director Ziad Hamzeh called "Irrefutable Proof," followed by Q&A.

The Film Hub had received some criticism for its ineffectiveness in drawing film companies and crew, but has recently been used by big name actors such as Ron Perlman ("Sons of Anarchy") for several films and drew talent such as Keith David for "American Dresser," the first movie of the lot to be filmed at the Film Hub. It's good seeing some Hollywood talent come to Syracuse, and seeing an industry begin to bloom is nothing but good news for us locals. I remember the first time I saw a Syracuse scene in a movie, it filled me with pride in our beautiful community. Lets hope the momentum keeps! Whats your favorite locally filmed movie?



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