Anthony Saccone's Wife makes Plea to the Internet, Syracuse Responds


The driver involved in the deaths of three OCC students is being held in custody until his trial, but his wife is pleading friends and family to 'hassle' the DA's office to release him for the month before. The plea came in the form of a Facebook message, which before being deleted by Saccone's wife had a comment section a mile long condemning her request. In the message, Renee Saccone called the charges brought against her husband "bogus" and demands he be released until his trial where he could go away for up to 30 years. Anthony Saccone was high on cocaine and drunk when he crashed into the three students going 80 miles per hour through a red light. 

People responded differently to Renee's request, but by and large the comments weren't supportive. People were stunned by her public solidarity with her husband, who himself has shown very little remorse over the allegations. Renee argues that the charges which revoked his bail were bogus, and he should be at home with his boys. Some questioned why she believes the man who killed three people while high and drunk should be considered a good role model, while others claimed that those three killed in the DUI deserve to be home with their families, and not Saccone. People have been weighing in on this story for a long time now and most are less worried about Saccone's well being and more stunned by the loss of young lives in our community. What do you think about this issue?


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