Cicero To Add Street Lights to Dark Streets Over Concerns Of Safety

If you've ever driven down US Route 11 in Cicero you may find that it's a death trap for people walking the roads late at night. In fact, many places in Syracuse tend to lack proper lighting which leads to more dangerous conditions for late night walkers or cyclists. Cicero has lost three lives on this Route 11 in the last ten years, and some people find this to be a disturbing statistic, so finally the town is deciding to brighten up the roadways with LED lights. 

Have you ever found yourself struggling to see the roads in the dark areas of Syracuse which simply failed to put in proper streetlights? It's something I feel Syracuse should add to the list of things that need fixing. People can be nearly invisible until they're right in front of the headlights some nights, and I've been concerned for people many times while driving at night and spotting someone not wearing the proper reflective materials or warning lights. It's a problem which can be easily solved, especially with the inexpensiveness of some solar charging street lights that are on the market now. Let's shed some light on the problem!


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