Mcdonalds Announces Preservative Free Burgers, More Changes To Come


McDonald's just announced its burgers will not contain no preservatives, a move which may push more people to choose the famed burger chain over others who carry preservative filled meats. It's a decision which has come a long way, and adds to a long list of ways McDonald's has attempted to make its food more appealing to healthy eaters. 

For me, when I choose to go to McDonald's I'm not exactly getting the cream of the crop- its McDonald's. I'm looking to stuff my face with food I know I can't eat for many more years without risking my health. This decision unfortunately doesn't change much for me, but at least it means something for the people who eat McDonald's as a diet. It could mean better health overall for fast food consumers, which in my opinion is relevant for young people who have grown up on the fast food chain or busy people who don't have time to cook a meal. It's always good to strive for healthier options, however don't pat them on the back yet- they still have about a third of their foods to officially remove preservatives from. It's also useful to note that if you want a completely preservative free sandwich, you'll have to order a burger with no pickles as their pickles still contain preservatives.


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