Redco Tea Closing Doors Permanently


Herkimer County was dealt a blow this past week when Redco Tea announced it will be closing it's doors for good, leaving many people out of a job. Residents say they are disappointed that the business is leaving, but are thankful they have a growing business park which may offset the blow from the retreating tea manufacturer. The soon to be empty building is still owned by Redco, and the mayor of Little Falls Mark Blask is hoping people will be receptive to whichever business moves in. 

Harris Team Company hired back about 8 of those who worked at the Redco Tea, and is helping those who they did not keep with either financial packages, payment for relocation, or help finding another job. About 70 people lost their jobs after the closing of the business, a huge hit for a town of 4,700. The company will be officially closing in December, after being around for several years. 


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