Haunted Locations in Syracuse That Will Make Your Hair Stand Up

Want to check out some ghostly locations this October? You don't have to go far! Syracuse is riddled with haunted landmarks. Many of us have grown up hearing about the ghost stories of some of our most historic areas, but there is a few that are out of the way and just strange enough for a midnight prowl.

One place you can go is the location of the historic Split Rock Quarry in Syracuse, known locally as "The Rock Crusher." If the threatening graffiti and strewn shot gun shells isn't enough to spook you there's a mayan-temple looking structure that towers over the dusty land. Whether you're there for a day hike or for an evening ghost spotting it would be a good idea to go to the spot where the famed TNT factory once stood, which now is a ghostly reminder of the building that once was- a flat concrete ground among the only things left. If you didn't know, in 1918 50 men died in an explosion there- 15 of whom were never identified and buried in a mass grave. If you're brave enough you can even venture into a tunnel underneath the giant rock crushing monument, which travels along the edge of the giant stone structure in the quarry. This one requires caution and a knowledge of the area, be safe out there!

Another one of my haunting favorites is the story of the 13 curves, a tale I've heard since childhood. Apparently, in 1941 a newly wed couple were traveling down Cedarvale Road in Onondaga hill and they lost control on the curvaceous road and went spinning into the woods.  The way I heard this story is that the husband was found dead, still trapped in the car, and the bride had disappeared into the forest never to be found. Some say they drive this road and still see the bride wandering the winding street, searching for her husband. OoOoOh!

An additional Syracuse classic horror story is that of "Clarissa" the ghost in residence at the Landmark Theater. This one I heard about as a child as well- and is one of my favorites. The story goes that she fell off the balcony to her death in 1930 and has been roaming the theater ever since. No matter what you believe, you'll feel like your being watched if you roam the theater in the dark- how can you not with some of those creepy wall decorations?

This October is gonna be a haunted one- be sure to check out these and one of the many other haunted locations near you! That is if you dare of course.

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