Car Vandalized With Hate Fixed For Free By Local Body Shop

Alonzo Stanley was picking up a script from the pharmacy when someone with hate in their hearts went over to his car and etched racial slurs all over it. These days hate messages are a reminder that there are still people out there who wish harm on others over the color of their skin, or the religion they choose to celebrate, but they also tend to pull the community together in solidarity against that kind of talk. This was just the case with Alonzo who received compassion in the form of free body work done by Northside Collision. The owner of Northside Collision Scott Jones heard about the victims car and wanted to help, so he decided to reach out and fix Alonzo's car at no cost. 

This kind of thing makes my heart swell because there's no doubting the troubles Alonzo must have been going through after being targeted in his own community. I can only imagine the feeling of being unwanted in your own community- it's a sad thought, especially for a community that seems to most people to be so inclusive and tight knit. Scott Jones should be thanked for his work, and others should follow his lead- when you see somebody being kicked while they're down, step in! You never know the effect it might have on the person. 


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