Facebook Account Impersonations Not Real/Unverified

If you have gotten a warning about cloned Facebook pages it is likely that there is no clone of your profile running amok online but instead a clever chain message that is completely untrue and unverified by everyone passing them along. These are often clever warnings and messages that people make in the hopes of seeing how far it will spread, often times riddled with misinformation and sensationalist news. 

This is the reality of being online, that not only are you at risk of impersonation and hacking but you are also at risk of stumbling upon misinformation that can be a bit scary and cause you to react. The best thing you can do is verify information before sending it along, usually a simple google search would do the trick. If something as large scale as cloning of millions of Facebook accounts was happening then that would make the news big time. If you get this message, let your friends know so they can stop being duped!

Picture from Getty Images


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