Syracuse Dunkin To Help Homeless Following Viral Video

Last week a viral video surfaced of a Dunkins employee dumping water on a sleeping homeless man in a booth, who was charging his phone so he could call his mother. This video was met with nationwide outrage and anger towards the business and the company for allowing this sort of behavior to manifest. The employee in question has since been removed and has apologized for his actions, blaming the frustration of his shift that day to lead to him lashing out. 

The founder of a Syracuse homeless advocacy group Al-Amin Muhammad originally called for a boycott of the business until the representatives of the owners of the Dunkins in question came forward to work with Muhammad to hand out free food in the community. They worked together on Saturday alongside other volunteers to make and hand out sandwhiches and donuts to homeless folks. The representatives, Tom Santurri and Bob Alberti, both plan on continuing this effort going forward. They hope to make initiatives like this a part of their organization. I think most businesses should have programs like this, don't you?



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