Brawl Ends In Local Football Club Cancelling Rest Of Season

A local football club made up of mostly OCC students has been forced to cancel their season due to a massive brawl which drew police and sent one player to the hospital with minor injuries. The Onondaga Snow Leopards reportedly started the fight after several disputed calls. Videos have surfaced of football players using their helmets as weapons and throwing punches left and right. The bench clearing brawl had to be broken up by police, reportedly drawing ten cars to the field. No charges were issued but there is an ongoing investigation. OCC doesn't plan on issuing any disciplinary actions. 

the Onondaga Snow Leopards were going to lose 23-0 before the game was halted towards the fourth quarter. This is the second time in three years the team has not been able to finish a game due to fighting, the other brawl occurring in 2015. 



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