Is Your Car Ready For Winter? DMV Recommends Preparedness

The DMV is asking drivers in New York to make sure ahead of time that they're prepared for the long and dreary winter Farmer's Almanac has predicted. These steps the DMV outlined are pretty essential for staying safe on the road this season so listen up!

1.) Do not drive during ice/snow storms except for emergencies.

2.) Clear snow from your vehicle including headlights, all windows, mirrors, etc.

3.) Allot time in the morning to allow your car to warm up, including defrosting the windshield. 

4.) In New York it is MANDATORY to have your headlights on anytime you activate your windshield wipers. The reasons for this are quite clear- if driving conditions require wipers then the visibility on the road is NOT GOOD. 

5.) Driving slowly keeps your tires firmly planted and helps you avoid other cars who lose traction. 

5.) Always carry a snow shovel, broom, ice scraper, sand/kitty litter, jumper cables, flashlight, warning devices such as flares or markers, cell phone charger, and food/water/supplies in the case of long distance drives through lightly populated areas. 

6.) Get your car serviced ahead of time.

7.) Inspect your tires. If your tires aren't suitable for winter weather conditions, CHANGE THEM. Keep a tire pressure gauge in your car to check pressure regularly.

Follow these nifty tips and you just might survive this years brutal winter! Be sure to also plan ahead so you can drive slowly and conscientiously this season!

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