Cicero Road Signs in the Wrong Place for 20 Years

28 yield signs in Cicero are being replaced with stop signs. When a housing development was built in 1999-2000, yield signs were randomly placed at intersections. Those randomly placed yield signs should have been stop signs according to Town Supervisor Mark Venesky.

A resident brought the signs to the town's attention, pointing out that the yield signs at intersections were confusing and dangerous. Surprisingly, no one noticed it until now.

Here is a list of intersections where the yield signs are being replaced in North Syracuse, Bridgeport and other areas around Cicero.

  • Beaver Lane at Oneida Trail
  • Gull Lane at Oneida Trail
  • Gull Lane at Kneeskern Road
  • Palmer Road at Tuttle Road
  • Murray Drive E. at Murray Drive W
  • Dunroven Drive at Greenbriar Road
  • Dunroven Drive at Palmcrest Road
  • Greenbriar Road at Hillmar Drive
  • Cora Avnue eat Kennedy Lane
  • Ridgecrest Drive at Sunrise Drive
  • Crestview Drive at Clover Drive
  • Rossland Circle at Belnor Drive
  • Center Street at Belnor Drive
  • Sunset Drive at Williamson Parkway
  • New Street at Factory Street
  • Stevens Drive (inbound )at intersection with Stevens Drive
  • Stevens Drive (outbound) at intersection with Stevens Drive
  • South Central Avenue at Lincoln Avenue
  • Nancy Avenue at Florence Street
  • Farrington Road at Pickett Lane
  • Saffron Cour tat Appleton Road
  • Appleton Road at Pinegrove Road
  • Lathrop Drive at Warren Road
  • Lathrop Drive at Tuller Road S.
  • Blaze Path at Madison Avenue
  • Shepard Drive at Albert Drive
  • Longpoint Road at Beach Road/Muskrat Bay Road
  • Larchmont Drive at Larchmont Drive

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