Syracuse Hot Dog Peddler Fights Back Against Unfair Fees

Paul Waleski, of Tall Paul’s The Dog Cabin on Warren Street in downtown Syracuse wants to know why he has to pay more than his competitors in licensing fees to sell his hot dogs. Paul pays a license fee of $1,500 per year for his hot dog cart, but food trucks also known as restaurants on wheels only pay $500.

Common Councilor Michael Greene is trying to make it easier and cheaper for food trucks to operate in Syracuse. The current policy on food truck licensing has been so unpopular that only one food truck in all of Syracuse has paid the fee under the current system.

Greene’s expects to move forward with his legislation making it easier and less expensive for food trucks to operate in Syracuse. Greene said he’s open to exploring ways to improve the licensing system for businesses like Tall Paul’s The Dog Cabin. Greene doesn’t intend on creating an uneven market for the carts, restaurants or food trucks.

For additional information or to view the Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance draft, visit

Photo: Getty Images

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