A New Dating App For Syracuse's Loveless Professional Singles

Feeling a bit lonely lately in the Salt City? Been seeing the bottom of a gallon of ice cream a bit too often? Well here's a new Dating app just for you, but it will come at a cost... a cost some might say is too high when there's free apps that do just the same thing except weed out the losers who can't afford the $33 per month (annual $199) or $99 for a single month membership.

The app is called "The League" and it's already risen to 500 active members, with more than 3,000 on a waiting list. It was created by Amanda Bradford, who says she was discouraged from Tinder after she realized it was a 'hot or not' game. Her vision for this app is to connect career driven individuals and take away hook up culture aspects from smartphone dating apps. Some people considered this to be dating app elitism, most definitely not much different than other online dating websites. Does the high costs seem worth it to finding someone worthwhile to spend time with? What are your thoughts on this one?



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