Body Cams For Syracuse's Finest, More Or Less Accountability?

Syracuse police are considering a long term policy towards body cameras being worn by members of the force including the restrictions to protect privacy and internal police investigations. The pilot program in 2017 was successful and after public talks with community members and advocacy groups they have written up a public policy which they have since published. They say that other communities have shown the practicality of the body cams, and that in those communities where this is enforced there have been less police complaints and use of force by police officers. 

What are your thoughts on this? Personally, I didn't see any downside to adding dash cams to police vehicles- if anything it has since only increased accountability and kept officers safe, allowing for rightful convictions to be made and to properly analyze reports beyond hearsay. I love our boys in blue here in 'Cuse and I want to see them as safe and secure as possible!

Photo from Getty Images

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