Dinosaur BBQ Co-Founder Regains Majority Shareholder Status, Buys Out Soros

The Soros family has backed out of the famed upstate NY chain Dinosaur BBQ and has relinquished their majority shareholder status to John Stage, one of the co-founders of the Dino. Stage hasn't had majority shareholder status in ten years, and is ecstatic to regain control of his restaurant. Stage plans to return the Dinosaur's back-office operations to Syracuse as well as make a few minor tweaks here and there. 

Stage has also gone on to start another business right across the street from the original Dinosaur location called Apizza Regionale, a wood fired pizza joint that has already grown exceptionally since its opening in 2016. Stage's success in starting food businesses is a hopeful nod towards the future, and I'd love to see what more he comes up with moving forward. There's a lot to be proud of when it comes to upstate New York's culinary achievements, be sure to support your local businesses today!



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