Honorary Plaque For Vietnam War Veteran Found, Returned To Family

Maureen Berger thought that an honorary plaque made for her brother was lost forever until The yacht club on Oneida lake found it deep in storage and returned it to her. It was a tearful moment when that plaque was returned to Maureen, who hadn't seen it in years since the club had relinquished it to storage. Her brother, Dillon Berger, had died in the Vietnam war and was honored at the yacht club because he was assistant manager there before he was drafted. Dillon was only 22.

The director of member services at the Oneida yacht club Jerry Puma found the plaque and reached out to the Post Standard for help finding surviving family members of the man it honored, which lead him to Maureen. Maureen was overjoyed at receiving this memento of her brother, who was the oldest sibling in the family. It's good to honor our veterans, and in doing this act of kindness Puma reunited Maureen with a part of her brother that will last forever and that is a wonderful gift. We should all seek out ways to honor our veterans and those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms, good on the Oneida yacht club for putting in the time to make this uplifting story come together!


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